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And we were all prepared to be disappointed again
Today Internet believed in miracles as Tatiana Maslany has been nominated for Emmys. Doesn't make me care any more about them but I always say all the awards. Here is here post-nomination interview with her. As always she credits the fans for spreading the word about the show. And there is another one here. I think we all feel like it's a group nomination (not only because it's hard to believe she'd just one person but also thanks to the hard work of all her doubles). And here is BBC America celebrating.

This seams to also be an exceptionally good year for SF&F as Game of Thrones got 24 nominations, AHS: Freak Show is close behind with 19 and Dardevil and Last Man on Earth got some too. Maybe it's the drought. Or maybe the lowering of herd immunity among the voters.

So this is also the high time to post the Orphan Black S3 bloper reel

And the proposals for spin-off with Alison and Donnie that were presented at SDCC. Which one you can't wait to watch?

Holly freaking Christmas cake!

What's the oppositr of sleep depravation?
For some reason this time zone switch really messed up my sleeping. Maybe because my final flight was so late. Maybe it's because of the weather heat makes me extra tired and before storms I get extra sleepy. Anyway, I'm unable to stay awake. I sleep for 10 hours. I spend 8-9 in work and travelling to and from it. I have no time to left to live.

I come back to work after 6 pm and after an hour I just lie down for a little while (or so I tell myself) and then wake up sometime between 2 and 4 am. Pee and go back to sleep because what else you can do when it'd all dark outside (back in Poland 4 am is already light so I would have issues falling asleep again but I can do it in the dark). And I sleep till 6 or 7.

I was planning to wait it over yesterday but there was a big storm and the power went down so I went down too (but laptop make a nice lamp when you need to find stuff around bathroom). Today I finally made it. Watching Syfy was a nice motivation. They new Friday line up is pretty good motivation. Finally some sci-fi to watch. And I'm actually one of the very few people who watches The Messengers. Even though I know it's doomed.

Back online
So I'm back in US after two extra hours spent in Toronto due to storm delays. Poland was beautiful as this is the time of year when everything is blooming (I went from lilacs and lily of the valley through the whole azalea and rhododendron blooming season all the way to pseudoacacia) and the weather was behaving perfectly. I got new visa. I met family. I replanted plants. And I (traditionally) got sick. I was too busy to write. Now I'm hiding from the heat as I came back straight into 35C (95F) and above weather (it's supposed to be 37 (99F) for the next 4 days straight). I resent the thought of going outside. I thought the 29-31C (84-89F) weather I was leaving in Poland was bad enough.

Also back - Philae lander. It just contacted Rosetta and the mission control. After 7 months of hibernation due to cold and lack of sunlight it's awake again. Just in time for the summer. It's just like a bear. Everyone's excited. It's been trending on twitter and xkcd has updated the Landing strip.

No more metal Xmas songs
Christopher Lee died last Sunday. I've been dreading this for a while (he was 93) and now he's gone. The nicest person ever to be the embodiment of evil.

On May 20 Planetary Society is sending the first test solar sail into Earth's orbit. You can watch the launch here tomorrow.

This first one is destined to burn in the atmosphere but this is the prototype for a actual launch next year. But they still need to secure additional founding so they have their own Kickstarter. They already almost 3x their goal but when both Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson are asking nicely how can you not donate. Especially for something this awesome. It's like making science fiction happen yourself.

So Game of Thrones
I haven't seen any of the current season episodes yet. I usually binge watch the season after it's done. I don't care enough about being spoiled to stay current. But I know all about the radical changes to the plot. I never cared too much. I always was very lukewarm about the books and in many ways enjoyed the series more as it cut all the superfluous parts. However the series always had it problems too and using violence against women for cheap shock value has always been one of them. And that violence is often sexualised and shown in titillating way. Not that Martin doesn't put enough of that in the books but somehow show always found a way to add more.

[Latest Game of Thrones controversy SPOILERS for latest episode]Ros. Talisa. Cercei. And now Sansa. And I'm absolutely convinced they we'll defend this as a character building experience. This is one of those cases when I wish they could imagine how character building it'd be for them. But somehow for women it's a totally awesome way to add depth to character. It's one of those tropes I wish would could be burned in dragonfire. Of course she takes over Jayne's role in the books and that's what Martin has written for Jayne. But Sansa is in a different circumstances than Jayne with more power and savviness and she already had one abusive suitor (Ramsey is a sadistic prick but not stupid he should've pretend played nice until her allies are gone). Enough is enough. I'm with The Mary Sue on this. And Martin's distancing himself but giving a nod of approval to changes doesn't really help.

I was already unhappy about lack of Arianne but now I wonder if I care to watch at all. Internet, you will gif any cool dragon scenes for me, right?

Those who kill the world never take the responsibility
I saw Mad Max yesterday and it was the most Mad Max-y story yet. Just one long car chase after car chase. Fire, fumes, explosions and sand. Lots of sand (wet, sand, dry sand and the most beautiful flying sand). It also has the best story so far and certainly the most women both in main and supporting roles. In fact for most of the scenes they outnumber men at least 2:1. This is the fun of it - it's both the very epitome of man movies - cars, speed, explosions, killing and a movie about women taking their own faith in their own hands and being badass. It's a movie with sex slavery but without constant male-gaze posing. "We are not things" is not something they only say within the film but also the film treats it's heroines like that. I don't want to spoil it because it's worth watching the fun unfold before you yourself but make sure you do. If there is enough of us there might be a film just about Furiosa.

[SPOILERS]Chalize Theron is wonderful as Imperator Furiosa. I hated that name at first but then we learn Imperator is a name Immortan Joe gives his highest ranking warriors. This made me think about all she had to to get there in a place run by men for men. I wonder if loosing the aarm was meant to make her unattractive to men like Joe. Because the alternative is becoming the wife. A pampered, beautiful object only existing for pleasure and procreation of it's owner. But when we meat them they already escaped with Furiosa. So I also wondered if Furiosa was allowed to meet them because she was a woman and therefore Joe didn't have to worry about not his sons. I thought about the stories they had to tell each other. The way they decided to go and try to make it to Furiosa's home. The Green she was kidnapped from as a kid. I wonder about friendship.

The Wives believe in values from a different world. No unnecessary killing. They seem to sheltered and delicate to survive in this world at first but they all have so much strength. The Splendid Angharad who shield Furiosa with her own body because she knows Joe won't hurt his baby growing in her. Toast the Knowing who takes care of guns and ammunition. Capable who finds Nux and fights Joes's men. The Dag who preserves the seeds. Even Cheedo the Fragile who uses her own weakness to trick their way onto Joe's rig.

It's not only the ability to fight that is part of that strength. They let the War Boy live because they understand he is, like all the others, fed a toxic ideology and used just like they were used for Joe's purposes. In their case disposable cannon fodder. One that dies gladly because he believes he's going to the afterlife. The toxic mix of more violent religion tropes used to hold to power by men like Immortan Joe for a long, long time. He and his allies. The 3 old men running that piece of the world just like they did before. All misshapen and sick but clinging to power by abusing everyone in their reach. The ones who killed the world and learned nothing from it. They even look like Capitalist caricatures from Communist propaganda.

I haven't even mention Max yet because he is just someone who stumbles into this story. He is forced into it by circumstance - another person used as an object in Immortan Joe's world. He's no hero. When he escapes his bloodbag situation all he cares is his own survival. He's perfectly fine leaving Furiosa and the Wives behind. But they strike a cooperation because only she knows how to make the truck work. And she trust him first. Trust him not to leave them behind again. And he helps them find the Green. We see the same gamble work with Capable and Nux later.

All the actresses playing Wives were great and Nicholas Hoult was wonderfully unhinged and childishly sincere in his need to please. Tom Hardy is pretty good as Max too. And Noranti (or Melissa Jaffer) was one of the Vuvalini (older women motorcycle gang).

The film is also beautiful. Dessert beautiful. It was mostly filmed in Namibia but you can tell it was made by Australian that understands the desert. The storm is a beautiful mix of all those pictures of Australian dust storms upped to 11 and mixed with Dune. The blue filter night is eeriely beautiful and unnerving at the same time. There is certain bending of physics in this too of course. I wasn't quite sure if Nux died as we saw so many people (mostly Max) survive impossible to survive crashes.

I wasn't convinced I want to see it at first but then I saw that MRA wank about this being a feminist movie and I knew I had to see it. I don't regret it. Go watch this film. It's as good as everyone says it is.

Golden Gate at Sunset
I've just spent two days in San Francisco. Actually I spent there a little over 24 hours and the rest was flying there in back. Not fun. Especially since we flew in early in the morning and then had to spent the whole day in training trying to pretend we are thinking. But at least I got this:

Behind the scenes
The trailer for the new, mockumentary series - The Muppets

I love the levels of "realness" this is TV show in the world where Muppets are real about the behind the scenes look at the "reality" TV show they are making.

Kryptonians only talk to each other through messengers, apparently
skye daisy johnson
I don't have time today to write about (but here are positive and negative reactions) it so I'll just leave it here - Supergirl first trailer:
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All the people Whitehall turned into monsters
skye daisy johnson
OMG! OMG! OMG! I don't even know where to start! At the end maybe...

[SPOILERS for everything that just happened on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.]
JEMMA! NO! Just when Fitzsimmons finally were to talk about Fitz's last year's declaration. Just when he finally asked her out. And she agreed. I refuse to believe she is dead but what will that artefact do to her? Will she become dangerous too Inhumans. Jemma who was so scared of powered people and alien artefacts and now she's going to be part of that world. At least that's what I'm telling myself because the I can't accept the alternative.

Bobbi! She got free and kicked Wards ass but she couldn't make it against both of them. And then she used herself to stop the bullet and saved Hunter's life. Because she's awesome and never gives up. Everything she tells Ward - absolutely true.

I believe Ward and Kara really loved each other in their own messed up way. I think he thought he was helping her but his not the most sane person himself. So instead of helping her just made thing worse. He dragged her down into the spiral of hate with him. He poisoned her mind and finally killed her. He didn't do it on purpose but everything he touches turns to dust. And now he's rebuilding Hydra. I didn't think they could make Ward any worse but look they can. I like it. It's something different than the redemption arks everyone else is doing.

Skye parents were monsters. That's what people said about both of them. Both of them. And now we know why. Cal may have anger issues. But Jiaying is the one who does this in a cold calculated manner. She is the brain behind the destruction. Hyde is the rage. Of course she had a long, long time to get detached from humanity and get used to sacrificing others. We learn how she stays young and alive all this time and that's by using other people lives. Even if they sacrificed themselves to keep her as a living embodiment of their history against her wishes (I doubt she couldn't stop it if she wanted it) she got used to ends justifying the means. And then Whitehall came along.

She doesn't see humans as people any more. They just fodder. She kills them to stay alive and when they go to close to her precious Inhumans. She planned to kill the whole SHIELD to make sure they cannot track and harm her people. Like they did to her (for her there is no difference between SHIELD and HYDRA no matter what they say). In her mind she's saving her people. But she does that by murdering anyone who isn't one of them. The Mists tell the truth - you either find your heritage or die. For Jiaying it's Us against Them. And people who follow her believe in this because all she did for them. They can't see the cold inside.

What Whitehall did destroyed her and Cal tired so hard to put her back together. Never really succeeded. Turned himself into a monster in the process. For love. Of Jiaying. And Daisy. To have the family back together. He never stopped loving them. She did so he stopped her. Bur with her power I wonder if she is truly dead or only until someone pours a new life into her (she had all her organs removed - even heart and she survived so what is being crushed?).

It was great to see Coulson use the love they both have for Skye to stop Hyde and convince him to switch sides. For Cal Daisy is the priority and anything that could harm her needs to be stopped. Even if it's her own mother.

I wondered about keeping the story with Ward through all of this Inhuman plot but it all together nicely. Not by influencing each other but by how nice the stories of Grant/Kara and Cal/Jiaying parallel each other. Both women were tortured and destroyed by Whitehall. Both had men who tried to help them get back their lives and never succeeded. Both died by the hands of their lovers. And yet the Cal story was story of redemption even though he killed Jiaying on purpose. Ward killed Kara by mistake and he keeps falling. Love doesn't solve anything. It's not enough. You still need to understand how to be a good person to be a good person.

I love Skye's two dads getting together to help her. I got or teary eyed at Cal and Skye goodbye. And I'm sad now because he doesn't remember her. TAHITI gave him a happy life but there is no Daisy in it. No wonder she didn't tell him - he probably wouldn't agree. But I think Ward is missing out by not agreeing to go through with this.

I knew Ruth Negga was going to leave the show but I was hoping Raina would lead Inhumans into hiding. Not die. I'm sad now despite all that she had done she really found herself there. I was also sad to see Gordon go but he was too deeply sold on Jiaying view of the world. But Lincoln understood she was wrong and tried to make others see it too. I wonder what happened to all of them. Skye says at the end she is the only one in the special division so far so did he leave? Are they all imprisoned? Put on the List and released? Where did all the Inhumans go?

The fights once again were awesome. I can't decide which one I liked more Bobbi vs. Ward and Kara or Skye vs. the Inhuman legion but both were awesome. I just know Bobbi would've won if it wasn't two on one. And Skye was fighting like 5 of those redheads at once.

May takes her gun even on vacation. And she and Andrew talk again. It looks like she finally could let the girl go.

Mack is staying but Bobbi and Hunter might be leaving.

Coulson lost hand - will he get a cool bionic one?

All that Terrigen in fish oil. I think this filtered out the Deviner pieces out finally so humans won't have any reaction but anyone with Inhuman heritage... I think that the emergence of all that new Inhumans will eventually lead us to Attilan.

What you'll see in the future
So this is the time we learn who lives and who dies and what is coming next.

Orphan Black has already been renewed for another season. No long wait this time. CBS renewed Person of Interest, Elementary and The Good Wife (along with lots of other unimportant stuff) which means that (with all the ABC picks) I got to keep everything I wanted. CW kept everything except for Heart of Dixie and Messengers (you know that show about angels that only started a second ago and already crashed - it wasn't horrible but had problem with pacing and explaining what it was about). Also cancelled - Constantine but there is a large campaign already to save it and it has some famous backers. The full list is here.

And then there are trailers and descriptions for the new series coming next autumn. They seem to show a certain pattern. There will be Lucifer based on another DC comic book but mostly rewritten into another crime procedural with supernatural twist. Then there is Minority Report that also has a a guy with special powers pairing with female cop but this time it's in the future and so the precogs are science fiction. (Fox trying for another Sleepy Hollow?). And then there is The Frankenstein Code about man brought back to life trying solve his own murder (and many others I assume). They don't look bad (especially the Minority Report one) but I predict neither will last. It's Fox after all. NBC tries this in search for another The Blacklist. With much less genre but they have Jaimie Alexander. In Blindspot she is amnesiac woman with the tattoos pointing at dangerous crimes and a lot of special skills (fighting, languages). Looks like another superhuman on her resume (not a bad type casting). I just feel bad for her all her make-up hours. Also coming to NBC is a restart (?) of Heroes - Heroes Reborn and a new end of the world comedy that actually sounds pretty fun - You, Me And The End Of The World. And speaking of old series coming back - The X-Files miniseries got airing date. CBS will make shows based on Limitless and Rush Hour (they are digging deep into movies this year to make a police procedural, don't they) and try another shot at angels in comedy form this time - Angel From Hell. Lets see if that one will survive.

If you just want to watch all of those trailer in one place:
[Click here]

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Even when they hate each other they are precious
once upon a time
The season finale of Once Upon A Time was pretty fun.

[OUaT season finale spoilers]
There were some cool things this season - like Cruella's story (a Natural Born Killer). And Emma/Regina team up to find Lily and save Robin Hood. And Regina just taking her happy ending into her own hands. But the best parts were in this episode.

Regina looked great in that forest bandit get up. I wish she could wear it more often. Snow looked even more awesome in the Evil Queen clothes. I liked her version of Evil Queen wardrobe even more than Regina's (also Charming with the eyeliner looked good). And I loved that she and Charming were still together even though they didn't love each other. Even when loathing each other they make great team. The whole thing with changing places was great. And now we are also to see evil Emma. I'm pretty stoked for that.

Emma sacrificing herself for Regina (and the shippers screamed in joy) was pretty great too. Think how they started as two opposing forces fighting over the fate of everyone and their son and now they are best friends.

We all knew the Sorcerer had to be Merlin but I just realised that he's probably Lily's father. As we all know dragons take a big part in his origin story. I wonder if now that both Emma and Lily are Darkness they will go on a rampage together. And in search of Merlin like everyone else.

What I didn't like was Bell going back to Rumpel (even after he did got evil even during his happy ending). I have no idea why they ever brought Will into the series as nothing would change if he ever existed. They should've let him have his happy ending with the Red Queen.

I also watched the last episode of Revenge. I abandoned it this season but I saw all the previous ones so I decided to see how it ended. [Spoiler (click to open)]And they actually did go for happy ending. Victoria's dead. Emily is Amanda again and has her family back. And she marries Jack (although it might feel weird to be the guy who married two Amanda Clarkes) and sails away. Not knowing she has Victoria's heart. While Nolan is getting a new person to aid. The whole thing was rushed and a little ridiculous but so was the whole series at the end. But at least it had Courtney Love as a super assassin.

It's all in the family
Orphan Black

[Orphan Black SPOILERS]
I wasn’t sure what to think about the Castor clones as all we’ve seen is creepy and mentally disturbed but I started to like Mark at the end of last season. And so far it at least felt like he was a little more sane and sympathetic then all the other ones so I’m very happy he survived. I’m also pretty sure he believes Sarah now - that she is his sister, that she cares about Helena, and that she wants to help. They had pretty nice moments of bonding and he seems like a much nicer person than any of the brothers we met so far (but admittedly Seth was dying and whatever is wrong with Rudy is not about being a clone and we don’t know much about any others). I know he won’t kill her - he just saved her from Rudy (I love that Mark is higher in rank than Rudy) and I watched the promo.

I that he takes her to the base because she wanted to get to Helena and it’s a way to get Sarah there. I think she agrees to that. And I think they will then run away together.

It took Sarah a long while to admit that she had sisters and accept any of them as family but once she did it for one it got faster and faster for others. Of course it doesn’t mean absolute acceptance. Helena had to earn it. Rachel never did. Castors have to earn it to but it is also a lever for Sarah to get Mark to trust her and also to get them on her side. She needs to convince Mark they are family to get Helena back. I think her point of view becomes “we are all family and we should stand together against those who want to use and control us”. And now that Helena saw what Coady does to the boys they might even be able to convince others (that was really messed up to do to a kid who thinks of you as a mother and it was nice to see Helena showing compassion). Like that sergeant Owen Miller (he seems pretty sane so far). Poor guy is in charge of keeping Helena in and we all know that doesn't ever work. She's already coming out of boxes.

Allison and Donnie - the drug dealers are even more adorable than when they murder people. And I know there is everything wrong with this sentence but it's also so very true. The soap business. The blackmailing other housewives to vote for her in school trustee election (all of this for the school trustee election!). The reuninon with the high school boyfriend the drug kingpin. It's all beautiful.

I'm still not over Cosima and Delphine breaking up and neither is Cosima but at least she has science. She once cut up her sister so cutting the brain out of a guy who turn out to be her brother no problem at all. Poor Scott - he doesn't have a stomach for this. None of the men have - not Felix, not Art. It's interesting how this show puts women in the roles of people who get things done - good or bad but done. Allison is the one who makes things done in her marriage. Cosima is the one who gets science done. Sarah and Helena can get out of any situation and solve any problem - they get shit done. Even in the Army - dr. Coady is the one who keeps the project together - from rising the little soldiers to cutting them up to find what is wrong with them.

Also - some still seemed to disbelieve this show takes place in Canada but after that hokey scene there should be no more doubts. Cal, Sarah and Kira were a really cute family but Michiel Huisman has a lot of other obligations and Skyler is growing up too fast for show time frame so they both got written out. Too bad - I liked happy Sarah.

Next season of Disney
It's official - ABC is keeping everything I like. They are renewing not only Agents of SHIELD but also Agent Carter and Galavant. I was afraid for Agent Carter and was sure there was no chance for Galavant to come back so that's a really nice surprise. Also back OUaT, whole Thursday (even American Crime), Castle and Secrets and Lies. Not back - Forever, Resurrection and Revenge - so I'm glad that I never got into the first two and quit Revenge last season (in my head cannon it ended with Victoria in the mental hospital and Emily leaving to take care of miraculously recovered Aidan).

Also not coming next season - the rumoured Agents of SHIELD spin-off with Bobbi and Hunter. I hope this means they stay on AoS and not being written off completely. And that Mack is coming back.

And there will be Muppets to cheer me up.

Trying something ambitious
The winner of this year Clarke Award has been announced. The award goes to Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven. Somewhere out there Puppies are very Sad now.

So Syfy is really getting into the whole science fiction thing. There are already many new series coming and a lot of them are adaptations of popular book series (serieses?) but the newest one is true classic. Along with Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment they plan to adapt Aldous Huxley's Brave New World as a miniseries.

Large parts of Internets are hyperventilating because Martin Freeman has been cast in Captain America: The Civil War. No one knows who he will play but the most prevalent hypothesis (aside from Spiderman) is that he will be set up as a foe for Dr. Strange. Or people just want to see him share the screen with Cumberbatch again.

In more good news CBS as officially ordered Supergirl to series and iZombie got renewed for second season.

Here's the preview for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and we finally know the release dates - on 17th of May in UK and on June 13 in US.

root and shaw
You really surprised me this time Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

[Agents of SHIELD - Scars SPOILERS]
I didn't believe Raina was genuine. No one did. That what happens when you've always only cared about yourself. But she was telling the truth all along. She was right not to trust Jiaying with SHIELD. I loved that.

There all those hints SHIELD would attack Inhumans. All the talk about them being a threat that SHIELD has to control, catalogue and supervise. All the things showing their bias and fear. From May distrust because of Bahrain (Skye said they are afraid you will go and kill them too because they have powers but May heard only that there is more people who could do what that girl did) to Gonzales open hostility (he just wanted to attack them as soon as he learned when their are) and even Coulson said they need to count them, catalogue them and put them on the List (how Nazi of you). Sending Gonzales as an objective envoy was another of those things. He called powered people dangerous freaks and a threat. He tried to kill Skye and wanted to imprison both her and Lincoln. He came with multiple planes and troops. I was sure that he would over react and SHIELD would start shooting. But he negotiated in good faith.

Both Skye parents were called monsters when they were looking for her. Jiaying stopped but that darkness, the one that Whitehall created, never left her. And how she can ever trust humans again. Humans who want to test and prod and control her people. How can she allow something like what happened to her happen to them? She went with Hydra people without the fight to save the villagers and Whitehall killed them all. She's not going to let this happen again. She went full Magneto on them.

No rounding up her people, no experiments, no lists. I still feel the creeps at the rationale for it. It's like Samaritan only not secret. Just saying you are dangerous by existing and therefore we have a right to track and control you and when you do something we don't like we'll put you down. I'm not surprised Jiaying didn't react well to this, especially after what Cal told her about Index. But I'm afraid she will lose her daughter again. And start a war.

And Cal is going to help her. Because he loves his family and would do anything for them. They made this plan together. I'm sure she knows what he will turn into. He took his drugs. We are going to see Hyde next week.

This is a conflict where everyone has their reasons and it's not going to end well. There was no way to reconciling them. Not really. So there will be bloodshed. That thing on the ship will be used and this is a SHIELD show so we know who'll win (but I'm not fully sure they are right). And the rest of Inhumans will go into hiding again. With Raina as their new leader.

A lot of people said Ward didn't leave Kara but planted he in SHIELD. I think he just did what he promised and he promised to fix her and only SHIELD had the technology to remove her conditioning. She's her own person again. And now they are back to being awful people together. Never believe anything Ward says. Especially, when he's trying to be nice. I just feel bad for Simmons. She will blame herself for Bobbi.

The Machine broke me a little today.

[Person of Interest - YHWH SPOILERS]
She talked to Finch. She finally talked to Finch. Not in God Mode but directly on screen. Called him father. Let him decide if she worth saving.

He was always the disbeliever. The one who always said that an Artificial Intelligence, any and all of AIs, cannot be trusted. That only a hobbled, tightly controlled version can co-exist with humans. Samaritan was proving him right. He couldn't allow himself to believe Machine would prove him wrong. But he's also long been unable to let her die or be controlled. He was the one who set her free. He's the one who saves her. Or at least hopes he does.

Just as Root loses her absolute belief in Machine Harold starts believing. This makes them closer to each other. The less extreme view of what can be - neither god nor devil - but someone who is and has a right to be.

This time Machine didn't hide. This was the final run in full God Mode for both of her assets. She saves John by telling him directly where to go. Last time they were using it against each other. Now look at Root and Reese. Look at the team they make. And look all the good deeds that the Machine gang did along the way have finally paid off. Harold saved Caleb and now Caleb could help them save the Machine. We've seen it before but that's just once more underlines the difference between Samaritan and the Machine. She has allies. Samaritan has drones.

And you see all those things Root has been collecting were necessary.

I'm so sorry Elias. I'm even sorry about Dominic. And Grice. And Control. I hope we can still save Control. Even if they weren't always good people they were the smart ones. This is basically Hydra plan from Winter Soldier only Samaritan succeeds. Even Control didn't fully understand how much power Samaritan really had. How much it knew.

Monday Spaceships
It's May the Fourth so of course a lot of Star Wars so we finally got to meet the bad guys. The photos of Gwendoline Christie, Lupita Nyong’o and Adam Driver's characters have been released. Or at least Driver's character without mask for the first time. Lupita's character seems to be all CGI as she is just there in the motion capture gear (but she owns a cool castle). And anyone can be inside that, admittedly very cool, Gwendoline's character armour. The best part of this is the Vanity Fair cover. Almost make me want to get the magazine...

For an actual film with the space battles you can watch now here's SMBC Theater's Starpocalypse (with space pope learning all about the things science explained)

There's also picture the cast of Suicide Squad in costume. I still don't care. So have Bruce Timm's reaction instead.

So how does one pronounce Ultron?
river song
I saw Avengers: Age of Ultron today with a large crowd of other people. There is so much already about this out there that I don't think I can add anything. Yes, it is all that's written on the can. Big epic scenes and fights and explosions. It's a beautiful roller-coaster of action with some quips in between to lower the tension.

[Avengers: Age of Ultron - SPOILERS]
I had few issues.

One has nothing to do with Avengers movie itself. I watch Blacklist and James Spader's voice is very distinct so it was weird experience watching him as Ultron. It was like Red goading the Avengers. Both Red and Ultron have this condescension for everyone which only made the feeling worse. It's funny to remember young James Spader in his pretty boy roles. And now he went full Nicholson. The design of Ultron isn't bad but I'd prefer an unmoving mas like in comics. This pseudo face muscles made no sense and the metal teeth were just creepy. But they do transfer the mimics well as you could almost picture Jasem Spader spitting during some of the scenes.

After the few years of set up the whole Strucker and Hydra affair was a big let down (and wasted Thomas Kretschmann). I was hoping for him being a more formidable opponent. I hope the Agents of SHIELD part in Hydra take down will be more exciting.

Thor and Stark one-upping each other whose girlfriend is more awesome was fun (mine runs a global company - mine is a most famous physicist and about to get Nobel prize) but it made me realise that both of them do these because of their boyfriends and I was - women do all the work while the guys party.

I didn't like the romance because it felt like Natasha was made into a pacifier for Hulk. I know she's good at handling people but the whole thing with her touching Hulk to calm him down was a little creepy (like she was using Ivchenko's mind control techniques on him) and then she keeps pushing for the relationship and it was just weird. But at least I understand her comparing herself to a monster. Unlike Banner she killed a lot of innocent people on purpose.

I'm also glad Wheadon is of Marvel because this might mean Linda will survive. Between his attitude towards happy relationships and Ultimate universe cannon it'd be very hard.

I'm also confused how the name of Ultron should be pronounced as everyone seemed to be doing their own thing.

Now the things I loved:
Vision. Especially the way he proved his good intentions to Avengers. And the talk about the hammer he had with Thor. Also it's easy to forget how tall Paul Bettany is but in some shots you can see he's even taller than Hemsworth. I'm also glad they let him stay his lanky self - androids don't need muscles.

Natasha knew Hawkeye's family. The kids know her. She is friends with Linda. I know it killed thousands of shippers but I loved it. It gives an extra depth to her desperate need to save him in the last movie. She had to get him back to his family. And the youngest Barton is named after two people who saved his father's life.

The Hulk/Hulkbuster fight was my favourite in the film. I was a little disappointed fragile Ultron drones were so that fight was great. I also liked the initial fight in the woods. I like how well the Avengers worked together as a team - especially Cap and Thor hammer on the shield move.

I like the look of Wanda's powers and her connection with Pietro. I was suspecting something in the way film was concentrating on her but once he died my first thought was that this is how the whole Maximoff's twins thing got resolved by Disney and Fox. Like the divorced parents who cannot stand each other they both get to keep one twin and go their separate ways.

I love the cameos - Peggy, Heimdall (suprise Idris Elba was a surprise) and, of course, Stan Lee (perfect as one of Steve's old War buddies). I also loved the guest stars like Julie Deply there for a second. I hope this means that they are planning for her to come back for actual Black Widow movie.

And I liked all the set-ups.

The Civil War conflict between Stark and Cap. I understand where Stark is coming from. I always had issues with only couple heroes defending world from the great dangers. What about the people who doesn't leave in New York? Would Avengers make it to Beijing in time to stop Chitauri from leveling it? What would Buffy do if one of those demons decided to open a portal in China and she had high school exams? But, of course, on other hand the problem with any large force like this is possibility of abuse. Who controls the soldiers? And what do they do when there is nothing to fight? Turn inward?

We got introduced to Wakanda (there probably will be more in the extended Director's Cut on bluray) and its vibranium. So even though there was no actual Black Panther cameo the ground work has been laid.

Thor going back home to face Ragnarok. It looks like Loki reign isn't going to end well for Asgard. And it also seems he gave Thanos the Gauntlet and will get the Infinity War coming to Earth when he comes to get the Mind Gem from Vision.

I think I read this book once
Remember that "impossible" drive that everyone agreed cannot work but few labs made it work? Sceptics said that it wasn't really working. That thrust was just natural thermal convection currents arising from microwave heating or some other environmental conditions external to the drive. So NASA used it in vacuum and it still works. The physicist are very aggravated as noone understands how it works. It's like something out of an sf novel. I hope it's really true. Not just because space travel but also because there a whole new branch of physics that will need to explain this. And maybe other impossible things are possible too - like wormholes at reasonable energy levels.

After all there are other planets out there. We discover more and more everyday and now you can name them. The International Astronomical Union started a NameExoWorlds contest were you can propose popular names for 15 stars and 32 planets. Just remember you need to explain your choices.

So if we are getting ready to space travel maybe also same better power storage system. Tesla just made new batteries. Not just for cars - for houses. Right now if you generate your own power (solar, wind, etc.) you cannot really store it. You can sell it back to the grid but it's usually at the times when it's least necessary (solar) or it's unpredictable (wind). But if you could store it for the night and cloudy days it wouldn't go to waste. That's what these are supposed to accomplish. And they come in different colours.

And something needs to run the calculations for all that space travel and new physics. Good thing that IBM just made a crucial breakthrough in quantum computing. They found a new method for correcting errors on a quantum circuit. Unfortunately quantum bits are prone to spontaneous flipping between 0 and 1 or changing the sign of the phase relationship. Those two types of quantum error (called bit-flip and phase-flip) that will occur in any real quantum computer. IBM found a way to detect them both at the same time which should allow for greater reliability of quantum computers which should finally make them usable.


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