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Melody Pond is a superhero
I've been out yesterday evening and most of today but now is Doctor Who time. I waited 2 weeks for the second part of The Rebel Flesh but I admit I couldn't wait for the summer cliffhanger so this is all for me for the season.

I think I liked the second part better then the first one. The failures of both sides and the humanity of both. The way they tried to destroy each other but then managed to see more then enemy. It was heartbreaking sometimes. Especially the way Amy treated the Doctor, the flesh one. Understandable as imposters are one of the favourite monsters. The Doctor, both of him, seemed bit disappointed. So it was pretty obvious he switched.  And I'm glad they finally managed to see they are all real.

All, except Amy who wasn't there. She was teleliving. Remotely going through her life so no one would look for her. But it was a fake, bioware replicate in her place. It was so Farscape season 4. Including the missing baby.

However, episode 7 was awesome beyond words. It starts with Amy telling her daughter daddy is coming and she is right. Rory is looking for them and Doctor is helping. By blowing up a whole Cyberman fleet. And then Doctor collects some old debts and gets himself an Army. I must admit I loved the 19th century Silurian in London. She ate Jack the Ripper. I need more of Madame Vastra and Jenny adventures. And return of Space Pirates. And the best part of the trap was watching Doctor being all uncomfortable about how human make babies. And when. But no wonder TARDIS was so interested in the Red and Pretty. The only water in the forest is the river.

Amy never wavered in her faith they will come and get her and I loved how she grabbed a pipette as a weapon. I loved Amy and Rory reunion and how he got all mushy about the kid. I loved Doctor and River and the birthdays. I loved how she made him realise that the whole 'fear my name' thing my not be all that fantastic.

But the best thing of all was of course the confirmation of so many theories. River Song is Melody Pond. And it's to late because she is also the little girl from the first episode. The one who was already grown and raised by the Silence. But what does it mean that she regenerated then but not in the library? And why River acted as if she doesn't remember? Checking readings and telling the doctor about the girl like it was something new to her? Did Silence make her forget?
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