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Side effects include feeling bad about yourself
Did you feel that TV is really bad at representation? Did you think that there isn't enough women/minorities in the cast? Did you complain that even the characters that are there are not equal? If you are on my friends list you most certainly did. And we all also heard the standard response that makes it all our fault. So are we just bitter and too demanding? Unable to have fun?

Turns out these are, unfortunately, all valid complains. Recent study showed that watching TV leads to decrease in self-esteem in both white and black girls and black boys. The only ones feeling better about themselves after watching TV - white boys. No wonder since they get to see the people like them being heroes and having all the power and fun.

Add to that women are main consumers of TV.

I wonder how many end up thinking like me that they've been cheated and how many think women are just to uninteresting. Judging by fandom the odds are bad.

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