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Wading through the news
The whole internet (or at least that part that I usually hang at) has been flooded by Comic-Con reports. Everything from information about upcoming movies and TV shows. Sequels, prequels and most waited for. New shows, new seasons and reunions. It's almost gets overwhelming so here are some things I liked

Doctor Who cast (I'm sure there are fics already)

The new Game of Thrones cast members

Cast of Community singing

Peter F. Hamilton talks about his new book reminding me I miss big SF epics

Information about Hobbit, new Marvel movies and Superman. Someone I wanted to learn about more is coming back to 2nd Mass and Once Upon a Time gets a new villain. And Gaiman is writing Sandman sequel.

There is much more of course and you can learn it all by going through the Comic-Con tag on io9, blastr, The Mary Sue, tor, Suvudu and imdb, Entertainment Weekly.

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