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Autumn is getting close and there are good things about it
I was watching the Doctor Who/science specials whole evening on BBC America. I wasn't paying attention for the first as it was a repeat and at one moment I though they said Doctor was fighting the Cylons. I looked up and realised the were talking about Salients. Somehow I didn't notice how similar they sound in English before. Now, it's stuck in my head with whole of BSG (from inventing the Cylons to exodus) being a vehicle for Salients to get to Earth.

Science of Doctor Who was rather unsatisfying - mostly because there isn't a lot of science in there and it is a kids show so it often uses Tinkerbell effect instead. I liked the Nerdist one better as it a least contained really nice endorsement for getting into science and Danica Mackellar is awesome at promoting maths (I also felt what all my family must feel when I tell them my PhD thesis title when she said hers)

I'm looking for the next week more as it will be all about women both in DW and nerd ones. There were more women in DW (and better portrayed) then the science (although I would like if they didn't concentrate solely on NuWho). And with all the fail lately the show about female nerds is a nice thing to have (even if just for reference).

Of course it's all is happening because Doctor Who is coming back and there are trailers to prove it:

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