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I've just learned that Sci Fi Channel is changing it's name to Syfy. Someone didn't do their homework as in Polish syfy is plural of syf which means mess, crap, filth, shit, junk or pimple. It is short from of syfilis (syphilis) so it also means a venereal disease. In other words it's a swear word with very bad connotations. Most international brands check for something like that before choosing names. Considering there's Sci Fi Channel Polska now I wonder if they'll change name in Poland too. That be funny. Syfy is pronounced differently in Polish (syhfyh/ siffy) but that doesn't help when it's written on your screen.

Or maybe they wanted to admit something.
Then congratulations on renaming yourself Crap Channel.

On other scary news here's cover to the And Another Thing... a part Six of Three of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. The cover is cool and I like the title but I can't shake the feeling of wrongness. It's not Douglass Adams' name on that cover. All my previous thoughts on this are still valid.

Too much excitement? To feel better and quiet the mind - galaxy porn (it's in Polish so just click the arrow on the blue rectangle above photos to see next one)
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